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I was completely overwhelmed by a feeling of love.

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in early fifties
Current location:  Ireland
Age at time of experience:  36

I was at work in a residential facility for adults with an intellectual disability. Whilst helping a lady, a thought suddenly came to me there is an Angel near and my gaze was drawn to her side, yet I could not see anything. Immediately after this thought, I was completely overwhelmed by a feeling of love.

The feeling was different to anything I remember having felt before. I would describe it as sacred and I also remember thinking with awe this is what is meant by heaven on earth. Although I didn't leave the room I think a part of me did, during this time, exist in another dimension.

Time seemed to alter and I now think that I was being shown another place. It's almost like I went on a “walk” in a heavenly garden. I can't remember much about right afterwards. In the fifteen or sixteen years since the experience I have mentioned it a few times to people close to me, but I would not try again as it is so hard to describe. Words are not adequate and I've found nobody that really wants to hear.

On analysis, just before the experience, I remember looking at the lady I was with and thinking how beautiful and dignified she was and how though limited physically through use of a wheelchair she had so much grace. I felt humbled by her.

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