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Everything is One.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in early nineties
Current location:  U.K.
Age at time of experience:  65

I had spent ten years exploring the Subtle level of consciousness (in Ken Wilber's terms) and had had a number of mystical experiences in that realm, some of them quite vivid. I asked my therapist (who was a transpersonal psychologist of long experience) what my next step should be. He said that it was to move into the Causal level of consciousness. I asked him how that could be achieved, and he answered - "you just do it". I was a bit puzzled by this, but he did not explain any further.

The next day in my meditation I just set myself to move on, and the result astonished me. Instead of the quite florid and exciting experiences I had been having at the Subtle level, there was a complete openness, an absence of any problems or any content of any kind. There was nothing to hold on to, nothing to be done, nothing to be achieved. I realised that there were no words at this level, no descriptions or labels at all. Later I was able to say – "Everything is One" – but at that moment there was no such form of words. Now I would say that it was not an experience, but a realisation. There was nothing to experience and nothing to be done. I would describe it as an opening.

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