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The Presence of Life

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-thirties
Current location:  United Kingdom
Age at time of experience:  23

My most significant mystical experience occurred in the midst of mental anguish.  I had a head full of existential thoughts and questions, loose bits of philosophy and Zen which wouldn't settle in my mind or make sense.  Then when I was working alone in a quiet warehouse, I said out loud “I am an experience which the universe is having”.  

I felt a huge wave of joy and peace wash over me, lifting me almost off the floor, and I couldn't stop laughing.  Such a release!  I couldn't explain it or make sense of it logically, but it made perfect sense.  The presence of Life.  The canvas on which all of Life is painted.  I was it and it was me, while there was at the same time no “me”.  From that point on, everything about Zen and mysticism which I read made perfect sense.

(NOTE: This was a one-off scenario, because nearly all other mystical experiences which have swallowed me have been in the woods, or anywhere natural and quiet.  My most 'regular' peak experience will last for a few minutes when I am silent and alone in nature.  My normal "self" drops away, as does any sense of time, and there is just this Presence to everything.)

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