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My view of reality expanded to a whole new reality.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in early sixties
Current location:  U.S.A.  
Age at time of experience:  63

It was for me, mind-blowing as they say.  My view of reality expanded to a whole new reality.  I came to some conclusions that I could not argue with:  1:  What I was experiencing could NOT have been just coming out of my own brain.  It could NOT have *just* been neurons firing because of the plant medicine I consumed.  2:  This alternate reality exists all the time everywhere.  It's tuned out when I'm in a "normal" waking state.  3: There are non-physical beings in that space.  4: My own consciousness experiences "normal" reality through my senses and brain, but it doesn't exist there. 

In another experience, at a different time, I felt, through my whole being, love and compassion from and within the people in the room.  I also felt darkness, sorrow, pain from them at times.  What was really significant was that my recollection of being in that space did not just fade away like a dream when the medicine softened.  I came away with a clear, positive recollection of the experience.  It has changed my view of just about everything.  The day-to-day world is much the same, but my understanding of what it means, and what it’s about has changed.  Now I have to integrate my awakening into my daily life.

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